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AOF Urges USDA to Withdraw Rule Restricting SNAP Read more news...

AOF Urges USDA to Withdraw Rule Restricting SNAP

The USDA has proposed revision to categorical eligibility (CE) would eliminate the ability for states, including Ohio, to participate in broad-based categorical eligibility, which streamlines program administration while ensuring SNAP benefits are targeted to the appropriate households.

The SNAP program has a dramatic impact on improving the health of vulnerable populations. Broad-based categorical eligibility ensures the people who qualify for and are in need of food assistance are able to receive it without unnecessary administrative burdens. Eliminating this option for states will deny low-income families basic food assistance and limit their opportunities to establish self-sufficiency while increasing costs and administrative burdens for state and local governments.

Advocates for Ohio’s Future strongly urges the USDA to maintain broad-based categorical eligibility, recognizing the critical role food security plays in health and well-being for low-income families, older adults, and individuals with disabilities in Ohio.

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