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Webinar: Next steps for extending healthcare coverage Read more news...

Advocates discuss the House decision to take Medicaid expansion out of the budget and the next steps for action.

State experts shared talking points, identified key lawmakers to contact, and highlighted ongoing advocacy activities across the state.

The webinar featured:

  • Cathy Levine, Executive Director of UHCAN Ohio and Co-Chair of Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage
  • Mark Davis, Co-Chair of Advocates for Ohio’s Future and President of the Ohio Provider Resource Association
  • Julie DiRossi, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers
  • Teresa Lampl, Associate Director, the Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Service Providers

Advocates highlighted the need to shift our advocacy efforts to Senate President Keith Faber and members of the Ohio Senate.

Take action today:

1. Make two phone calls:

  • Call Senate President Keith Faber: (614) 466-7584
  • Call your local Senator. (If you don’t know who your Senator is or his or her contact info, find out here.)

2. Tell them:

  • Extending health care coverage to 275,000 low income and hard-working Ohioans is a good investment that supports Ohio’s economy, creates jobs, and builds strong communities with a healthy workforce. It supports families and invests in the health of all of our citizens – our neighbors, friends, parents, grandparents, and young people.

  • Expanding Medicaid may not be the path forward you would have chosen, but it is the best option to move Ohio forward. For the health and competitiveness of all Ohioans, I urge your support in extending Medicaid to strengthen families and communities in Ohio.

3. Spread the word!

Encourage others to call and e-mail Senate President Keith Faber and your Senator.

Share resources with your State Senator:

Review the webinar recording and slides here: