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Webinar: Discuss how Ohioans can strengthen families and communities. Read more news...

The discussion focused on how supporters in Ohio can communicate with conference committee members to strengthen families and communities in the final negotiations around Ohio's 2014-15 budget.

Advocates focused on early learning, long term care, developmental disabilities, and food assistance. Speakers also talked about a possible pathway to expand healthcare coverage to Ohioans through two new Medicaid reform bills in the House and the Senate.

Take Action Today

1. Call legislative leadership and the Conference Committee:

2. Tell them:

Any new revenue must be prioritized to strengthen families and communities in Ohio.

  • Food Assistance: Will you provide an additional $5 million (over the biennium) to feed hungry Ohioans and strengthen families and communities in Ohio? This request represents $1 per person, per month served by the emergency food assistance network.
  • Early Education: Please support an additional funding for high-quality early education to support kindergarten readiness and third grade success.
  • Long Term Care: Please support $13.6 million for PASSPORT (over the biennium). This would restore PASSPORT screening and assessment and increase PASSPORT provider rates by 3%.
  • Adult Protective Services: 39 counties do not have enough funding to protect older Ohioans from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Will you fully fund Adult Protective Services across the state at $11 million per year?

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